Book and lyrics by Rob Frankel and music by Greg Hintermeister

   This play uses 23 vignettes to depict the humor and poignancy in that strange and wonderful species
   known as guys. Guys! received its world premiere at the Richmond Community Theatre on April 7, 2011,
   under the direction of Artistic Director Mark Colbenson, and played to enthusiastic standing ovations.
   Sample pictures and video are below. If you have interest in reading and/or producing this script, please
   contact playwright Rob Frankel at

A scene from, Guys! called, "An American Opera"...
                We're Guys                                                   We're Guys                                              We're Guys - reprise                

                The Quote Woman                                     The Quote Woman                                   A Little Off the Top                

                Bowling Alley Rap                                      Bowling Alley Rap                                    Bowling Alley Rap                

                       Evolution                                                 Primal Sounds                            Primal Sounds                

              Poker with the boys                                                  ED                                                             ED                

        Everything Goes with Blues                     Everything Goes with Blues                            An American Opera                

                     Carburetion                                                     Catch                                              Gotta Getta Guy                

                Gotta Getta Guy                                               Yo Sports!                                           Gotta Getta Guy