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  (Last updated: April 2019)

 A CHRISTMAS CAROL                 Jacob Marley      Metropolis Performing Arts Center

 OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY              Bill Coles        Citadel Thetre

 OLEANNA                           John              Spotlight Theater

 THE RAINMAKER                     H.C. Curry        Boho Theatre Ensemble

 MOON OVER BUFFALO                 Richard           Buffalo Theatre Ensemble

 RUN FOR YOUR WIFE                 Porterhouse       Brightside Theatre

 THE FANTASTICKS                   Hucklebee         Steel Beam Theatre

 FOOD AND FADWA                    Baba              Pangea Productions

 GUYS!                             Guy #4            Richmond Community Theatre

 A WALK IN THE WOODS               John Honeyman     Richmond Community Theatre

 A CHRISTMAS CAROL                 Scrooge           St Croix Festival Theatre

 IS HE DEAD?                       Papa Leroux       St Croix Festival Theatre

 THE LOST COLONY                   Governor White    The Lost Colony Theatre

 SPRING OF FREEDOM, SUMMER OF FEAR Grandfather       Tablesalt Productions

 INDIAN BLOOD                      Harvey            Theater in the Round (TRP)

 WAIT UNTIL DARK                   Harry Roat        Bloomington Civic Theatre

 13TH OF PARIS                     Jacques           The Public Theatre (Maine)

 CASTING CHRISTMAS                 Duke Richards     The Seasons Players

 POWER (area premiere)             Nicolas Fouquet   Theater in the Round (TRP)

 LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT     James Tyrone      Theater in the Round (TRP)

 SIGN IN SIDNEY BRUSTEIN'S WINDOW  Sidney Brustein   Starting Gate Productions

 LEADING LADIES                    Leo Clark         Albert Lea Civic Theatre

 VOICE OF THE PRAIRIE              David             Theater in the Round (TRP)

 FOXFIRE                           Dillard Nations   Theater in the Round (TRP)

 A NUMBER                          Salter            The REP Theatre Company

 RAINMAKER                         Bill Starbuck     Rochester Civic Theater

 ON GOLDEN POND                    Norman Thayer     Brave Community Theater

 A WALK IN THE WOODS               John Honeyman     Long Lake Theater

 TALLEY�S FOLLY                    Matt              Jon Hassler Theatre

 OLIVER                            Bill Sykes        Rochester Civic Theatre

 BECKET                            Thomas Becket     Rochester Civic Theatre

 HARRY AND SAM DIALOGUES           Sam               The REP Theatre Company

 THE DOCTOR WILL SEE YOU NOW       Guide             Mayo Clinic Humanities    

 IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY             Dr. Mortimore     Rochester Civic Theatre

 SEA MARKS                         Colm Primrose     Rochester Civic Theatre

 WAIT UNTIL DARK                   Mike Talman       Rochester Civic Theatre

 DEATH OF A SALESMAN               Biff              Rochester Civic Theatre

 LEND ME A TENOR                   Tito Merelli      Rochester Civic Theatre

 THE PRICE OF FAME                 Roger Carstairs   Feast & Footlights

 MY FAIR LADY                      Henry Higgins     Rochester Civic Theatre

 THE FOREIGNER                     Charlie Baker     Rochester Civic Theatre

 CAMELOT                           King Arthur       Rochester Civic Theatre

 A THIRST FOR EDEN (premier)       Jake              The REP Theatre Company

 CORPSE!                           Evelyn/Rupert     Rochester Civic Theatre

 AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS      King Balthazaar   S. Minnesota Chamber Series

 FOXFIRE                           Dillard Nations   The REP Theater

 NOISES OFF                        Lloyd Dallas      Rochester Civic Theatre

 OF MICE AND MEN                   George            Creative Theater Group

 ROMANTIC COMEDY                   Jason             Creative Theater Group

 CRIMES OF THE HEART               Barnett Lloyd     Creative Theater Group

 RAINMAKER                         Starbuck          Poughkeepsie Theater Group

 SHADOW OF HEROES                  Rajk's Understudy St. Nicholas Theater

 GOLDIE                            Papa Bear         Tattoo Productions

 IDIOT'S DELIGHT                   Pittaluga         Power Center

 BELLS ARE RINGING                 Blake Barton      Devonshire Playhouse

 THE LOVER                         Richard           Arena Theatre



 THE MAN BORN TO BE KING               Jesus Christ        WUOM Radio ( Michigan )

 Industrial video                      V.O. Announcer      Niles North High (Chicago)

 Disk jockey                                 ---           WGNY Radio ( New York )



 (Video)IBM Prop Law                   Host                Industrial

 (Video)IBM Commercial video           Plant manager       IBM advertisement

 (TV) Political Advertisement          Parent              KTTC TV

 (TV) THE KAHLER-PENTHOUSE             Voiceover           Ads and Arts Agency

 (TV) TCF BUY-RITE                     Realtor             KTTC TV

 (TV) CORNWALL HOSPITAL                Business Executive  Group W Cable



 Music (guitar, voice, recorder)

 Dialects (English, Irish, French, Jewish, Cockney, Russian)

 Playwright � over thirty published plays

 Improvisation, Magic, Juggling

 B.S., Computer Sciences, University of Michigan